M74 is a small Scottish contemporary furniture company.

Our forest workshop and high street showroom are located less than 3 miles apart, in the beautiful Historic Burgh of Linlithgow, near Edinburgh. 

Using sustainably sourced hardwoods and leathers - and applying over half a century of combined design and artisanal cabinetmaking experience - our skilled team creates considered, timeless and finely crafted furniture, which will endure for generations.

Our showroom also proudly stocks a carefully curated selection of British-crafted homewares.

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In 2009 my wife and I established Method Studio - a bespoke furniture makers - in a tiny, ill-equipped space on the outskirts of Linlithgow, in central Scotland.

Marisa's background is in architecture, and I'm a second generation woodworker - trained by my father, David, whom I also had the privilege of working with for over a decade.

Our focus was to bring very individual, personal work into the world; contemporary designs with a clean, precise, almost architectural aesthetic - but very finely crafted with dramatic native hardwoods and sumptuous leathers, and employing traditional cabinetmaking techniques.

We wanted to create things that had never been seen before.

(For us, creating things is about as good as it gets. And design is an ingrained obsession)

Those first years we designed our furniture together in a small cupboard in the back of the workshop, and while Marisa (somehow) worked two jobs to support the venture, I toiled away at the bench figuring out how best to make it.

Like most people who start a new business, we both had a good deal more passion, zeal and drive than actual understanding of what we were biting off.

Good thing too.

But we worked hard, and we believed in what we were doing. And eventually…slowly (as everyone who has worked very hard at something will tell you) it began to pay off.

Our ability (and our team) grew and evolved organically as the years passed. And somewhere along the line, whilst we were busily making furniture and bespoke cabinets for private clients, we began to catch the eye of some very large corporate clients too; Legendary brands that - to our delight and surprise - appreciated our design style and down-to-earth, practical attitude towards making special things.

We were humbled over the next decade to be commissioned by the likes of Burberry, Bentley, Aēsop, Hermès, Vacheron Constantin and the Glasgow School of Art, to develop, design, and handcraft a series of very special bespoke furniture pieces, cabinets, chests and objet’ - which headed off to every corner of the globe.

And soon, almost without us noticing it, the studio and workshop began to concentrate solely on these types of projects.

The emotional connection that came from creating work for a family home had slipped away.

And something was lost.


As we approached the tenth anniversary of the business this nagging feeling of loss began to grow. We were also becoming aware that, if we could, we should try in our own small way to support our beloved and beleaguered local high street.

To our minds, really high quality and well crafted products - with longevity - were something that we couldn’t see on the furniture market in Scotland. And at the very top end of the sector a lot of the furniture we saw, even if very well made, felt old fashioned, poorly designed or simply lacked imagination.

We just couldn’t find our ideal furniture.

So we did what we always do when we can't find what we’re looking for.

We made our own.

In 2018 we put pencil to paper and started designing; taking inspiration from the sinuous organic forms of the trees which surround our workshop, and developing our own collection of contemporary handmade furniture.

Later that summer we opened our first dedicated showroom, at number 74 the High Street in the historic Royal Burgh of Linlithgow. Less than 3 miles from our workshop and studio.

Old fashioned craftsmanship + contemporary design



Towards the end of 2017, after too many years of working too many hours in windowless, rather soulless industrial spaces - and by now with a growing team of talented craftsmen to help us realise our designs - we stumbled across the tumbled-down bones of an old wooden sawmill building (whilst being dragged around by our wild little workshop dog, Ash) nestled in mature spruce woodland in the Bathgate Hills, in the locally beloved Beecraigs Country Park.

The sawmill was difficult to access, had gaping holes in the walls, no running water and no insulation. It was also much too big.

We fell in love instantly, and begged the council to let us restore it. 

Then, over a particularly brutal winter in early 2017, we enlisted the help of my dad (who also designs and builds unique one-off houses, including the one I grew up in) to manage our team of maker’s, pulled on our thermals, and spent three gruelling months comprehensively rebuilding and renovating the space.

before the work - Image Callum Robinson
work in progress

What we ended up building - as well as a destination workshop and design studio, hidden amongst the trees - was a bond forged through hard work and shared effort with our team. And that’s the beating heart of the business.

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workshop in the woods 3

That’s our story.

Perhaps one day we can become part of yours.

Callum & Marisa (& little Ash)