A statement dining table for a stylish family home in Glasgow, the Magma Table combines the warm hues of polished copper with the dramatic feature of Scottish elm to create a truly adult palette.

The design allows comfortable seating for 8 people (10 at a push) with the sinuous leg structure avoiding knee-bashing whilst looking completely individual.

Magma 1

The top is made from two consecutive boards (two slices of the tree from next to each other) of solid elm, hand-picked from a local sawmill. This meant the the grain could be matched up neatly and would mirror itself down the centre-line; where some of the raw edge has been left to create a pool for the polished copper detailing to shine.

magma 2
magma 3

A mixture of copper dust and clear, super-hard resin was added to knot-holes, shakes and cracks in the timber; sealing and strengthening them, before being carefully polished back with very fine abrasives for a lustrous finish

magma 4
magma 5