Created for a client in Edinburgh, this commission was made from elm felled to make way for the new tram system in the city.

The client was looking for a Living table; the hub of a home and a place to do everything from reading the paper to cake-making with the kids and hosting a dinner for 8 guests, We suggested combining this with a suite of handmade chairs, and a very special leather-seated bench with a steam-bent back, to bring family and friends closer together.

living table

The table, bench and chairs combined hand-shaped solid elm with organically tanned leather, from the Tarnsjo tannery in Sweden (which will age and gain a natural patina in time, rather than staying a static colour and tone) and dramatic indigo-stained oak elements.

indigo 1
table and chairs

Rather than cutting away areas where the wood was naturally flawed or cracked, we patched and repaired these areas - to maintain the unique character of the timber (and it’s story) but address any potential future movement as the wood dries in a warm home environment.

table and chairs 2