Named after legendary stage magician Horace Goldin (inventor of a very specific illusion…) This unusual table was designed to give our incredibly design-savvy client maximum flexibility, as well as making access into their dining room, up and around a tight staircase and corner, feasible.

It also has the enviable pleasure of taking up residence in one of the most stylish and beautifully decorated homes we have ever visited.


The table’s design combines an elemental, natural Scottish elm top, with a clean, contemporary take on the classic turned farmhouse table leg - realised in solid scottish oak, lathe-turned and ebonised to a deep, flat black.

And of course, like any good illusion, it has a dramatic reveal up its sleeve…

better half 3
leg designs
timber 1
better half 5
better half 8
better half 5

…and now for the clever bit (drum-roll please)

Method 081 small.jpg
better half 7
better half 2

Highly polished, solid brass facings, only revealed when the two part table is ‘sawn in half’ and meticulously created to match the profile of the split-middle leg.

Hat’s off to you Horace!