‘…You nailed it’ 

Tony Chambers, Editor in Chief, Wallpaper magazine

'A significant modern re-imagining...' 

Prof. Seona Ried CBE, Director, Glasgow School of Art

'Like a flower, our chair is born of a stamen; with the concept revolving around the beauty and vibrancy of the natural form'

Marisa Giannasi, M74, Designer-Mack Chair, GSA Alumni


In 2011 Method were commissioned by the Glasgow School of Art to design and create a new collection of chairs for the schools prestigious Mackintosh Room. 

This would be the first time the school had commissioned new bespoke furniture since legendary architect, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


To sit comfortably amongst the numerous irreplaceable original examples of Rennie Mackintosh’s work, the brief called for a sympathetic but forward-thinking design.


We firmly believe that traditions are not honoured through repetition, rather considered interpretation, so we chose to embrace the artists passions for new materials, Asian styling and flamboyant nouveau influences, with a startling departure from the expected. (but they also needed to be comfortable, practical, and able to stack!)


Further honouring the great man’s spirit - and somewhat out of necessity - we developed a strong working relationship with a team of precision oil-rig-part-engineers and industrial adhesives experts, on the metal fabrication side of the project. (A lot of Mackintosh's own designs were thought so outlandish and unexpected that at the time that respected cabinetmakers scoffed, and often he was forced to turn to the lowly journeyman carpenter to bring his creations to life)

After nearly two years in development the 24 chairs – each meticulously handcrafted from solid ash, rose or pastel green precision-engineered solid aluminium and hand-stitched organic leather - sat alongside some of the world’s most influential furniture. Before the building was tragically taken by fire.


Recently we have again re-imagined the Mack Chair, to create an all-timber version (except the gently curved leather seat) available to buy directly from M74 for your own home. The construction is almost identical, save for a fumed solid oak cruciform (rather than the rose or pastel green aluminium) contact us for more details (shown in elm & oak with a hand-rubbed oil finish and custom burgundy leather seat pad)

Marisa Giannasi