Designed, quite simply, to outdo every other events companion in the world (a task in-part simplified by filling it with fine malt whisky...which instantly elevates any work)


Initially created for a private client and then for exhibition, the Mault Vault’s design employs inwardly curving faces formed under pressure with laminations of birch. These are clad with thick, featured bridle leather inside and out to create a lightweight rigid skin, which aged beautifully. 


The structure was handcrafted from finest solid hardwood, and the internals detailed in organic leather and polished stainless steel. 

The heavy-drawing, smoothly sprung stainless steel draw-latch is British made, and is more commonly found on the sides of lifeboats. But it's a stunning piece of engineering. And we couldn't help ourselves (oh yes, and we tinkered with it quite a bit…couldn’t help that either!)


The design and construction is unapologetically robust - but is also subtly balanced; thanks to a carefully considered asymmetrical design. 

Hidden inside the vault are two handmade decanters and four hand-cut tumblers, all handmade from the finest full lead crystal by England's last remaining traditional crystal makers and secured with tactile leather finger-straps and solid brass Sam Browne studs.

Marisa Giannasi