The Frog Table is a dramatic piece of functional art, created in collaboration with East Lothian master-woodcarver David Robinson.

frog 1 - Image David Robnson
Frog 2 - David Robinson

A dramatic slab of solid elm, sourced from the grounds of Kellie Castle in Fife, was meticulously flattened and shaped by hand (as it was far too big to fit into any of our machines!) by the team of craftsmen at Method Studio. A specially designed fumed Scottish oak base was then finely crafted, with an adjustable pin at each corner to allow the connection point heights to be fine-tuned over time, as the monstrous slab gently changes shape and moves through the seasons.

Frog 3 - David Robinson

David then meticulously carved a series of frogs and lily-pads (the relief in the pads alone required over 180,000 individual chisel-cuts to create) down into the surface of the timber.

The table was finished in hand-rubbed oils and beeswax and was sold to a private client.

A similar piece would be in the region of £5000 - £12,000 depending upon the complexity and scope of the carving. Contact M74 for more details or to discuss a commission

frog sketch
Marisa Giannasi